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“The Green Swan gives the reader a proven template to follow should the lure of retiring from full-time work at age 40 be attractive. And who wouldn’t want to consider that for at least a moment?

“JW’s book has appeal to anyone, young or not so young, who is seeking financial independence. It uses not only real life examples from JW and Lucy’s life, but also a couple of real life case studies that demonstrate the key principles of The Green Swan and how you can adapt them to your own life.” – Martin at Get FIRE’d asap

The Green Swan - Book CoverThe Green Swan is a way of life and this book wants to show you how to live it. It is all about making more money, managing your expenses, investing the difference, and retiring early. This book is perfect for the high school student preparing for college and the world ahead, the recent college grad looking to make ends meet, or the middle aged family looking for guidance in boosting their retirement accounts.

The Green Swan eBook is over 30,000 words, 82 pages on normal 8.5 x 11 paper, and over a year in the making to help you get on the path toward financial independence!

What Is Included In The eBook?

In The Green Swan you will discover:

  • The key principles of The Green Swan and steps you can take to retire early
  • The secrets behind making more money
  • The importance of tracking and budgeting expenses
  • Proven investment strategies
  • 4 tips for successful investing
  • How to envision retirement and how much money you will need to get there
  • Other tips on how to navigate increasing healthcare expenses, buying a home, the cost of kids, investing in 529 plans, and more

The book includes multiple case studies to help you navigate the path of The Green Swan as well as my personal experiences living The Green Swan way of life.

“The book draws you in right from the story, in an easy to read narrative that provides plenty of meaningful tidbits along the way. JW is able to summarize his approach right from the start, so we’re left with a clear roadmap of the path ahead. As you move throughout the book, JW fills in each detail for those who are still on their path to reaching a 7 figure net worth.” – Matt at Distilled Dollar

Who Is The Green Swan?

JW Brooks is average Joe / Jane just like you. He grew up in small town America, was an average student at an average college, but followed the principles of The Green Swan and became a millionaire by age 30. JW is on track to reach financial independence by age 35 and plans to retire by age 40.

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I appreciate your interest in The Green Swan!  It has been a joy creating this blog and book. I’m not doing all this for the money, I’m doing this to help folks like you. After you have read the eBook, I would love to hear your feedback.  You can leave comments through the contact page.  Also, continue to follow The Green Swan by signing up to my email list to receive alerts when I post new articles.



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