Savings Around the Home to Fuel Your Retirement

Savings Around the Home

Hello folks! Hope this Sunday finds you well. I have a contributed post from Jessica to share with you today on how you can find savings around the home to help fuel your retirement accounts. Check back tomorrow for an update on my small business, The Green Condor!


Retirement savings are assets that every individual should invest in, and the earlier it starts, the better. It is not easy, though for some people to set up retirement funds, especially when expenses are too high. Contrary to popular belief, a workplace pension is not the only way you can save for the future. It is possible to set up a personal savings account by cutting costs around the home. Knowing how to make savings at home is a good first step of generating more cash available for your retirement fund. Your children and other household members can also learn various ways of saving, which will benefit them later. So what can you do to boost your savings?

Savings Around the Home

Capitalize on Customer Rewards Programs

A majority of retailers have special deals and promotions for loyal customers, which you can take advantage of. By signing up for newsletters or alerts, you can earn points, coupons and updates on the latest deals. With the discounts offered, you can save a penny here and another there, which you can then put in your savings account.

Find a Suitable Broadband Package

Home internet use can eat up a huge chunk of your income if you are not cautious. When selecting broadband services, find products that cater to your exact needs. Factor in the amount of work the internet has to accomplish and the number of users. If during the day there is no one at home, it’s wasteful to have an all access cable TV subscription. By switching to a more suitable broadband package, you can cut down your spending and have more left for your retirement savings. Options such as SlingTV and Playstation Vue have helped revolutionize cable packages. Even The Green Swan himself found a way to cut cable!

Homemade Meals

Eating out is great once in a while, but making a habit out of it may cost you a significant amount every month, leaving you with nothing for your retirement savings. Cooking your own meals not only saves money but gives you a chance to eat healthy as well. You can buy groceries in bulk, which will cut your expenditure even further. If there is a local market near you, it’s more advisable to buy produce from there. With homemade meals, you can make more than one batch and keep it in the freezer, especially during the weekend when people are at home.


If you have the time, doing it yourself can save you a pretty penny. Unclogging kitchen sinks, replacing a socket, and painting your bedroom are some tasks that you can complete successfully with the right instructions. When you don’t have to pay professionals for even for the simplest duties, you make savings that will contribute to your nest egg.

Increase Energy Efficiency

For most people, a significant amount of their income goes to energy bills. You can change that by instituting measures to conserve energy in your home. Installing Energy STAR appliances is one way to do that. If your house has been using the same devices for the past thirty years, it may be time to get new ones! Water heaters, radiators and ACs can eat up a lot of power if they don’t meet certain efficiency standards. Poor installations also contribute to high energy bills, like say, if your AC doesn’t have the right ductwork, it won’t meet your cooling needs. Regular servicing goes a long way in retaining the energy efficiency of appliances. Proper home insulation guarantees that heat doesn’t get out when it’s cold. Switching off lights that are not in use is another way of reducing power consumption. LED light bulbs, showering during off-peak hours and programmable thermostats can also help slash your energy bills, giving you more chances to save for retirement. Or you could always go Solar!

Savings Around the Home

Review Your Insurance

You may be finding it hard to save for retirement because you are overpaying your life or home insurance. Maybe you bought your policy under pressure and did not have time to make comparisons. The cost of insurance is getting cheaper by the day as people eat healthier and work out more. Go through all your plans from home to car policies and make detailed comparisons with multiple insurers. Another mistake that may be eating up your income is auto-renewing your travel insurance. It is cheaper to restart a cover once you have a holiday booked.

You can get creative and find more ways to save money at home to help build your retirement fund. Have any idea? Please share in the comments below!

Thanks for the contributed post, Jessica! The Green Swan will be back tomorrow with an update on how the small business (The Green Condor) is going. It has been a rocky first six months, no doubt about it, but we keep working through things!

Thanks for taking a look!

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  1. One of the bigger items we save money on, is taking lunch to work. Not doing means means an out of pocket of 30-40 per week.
    We are about to try out a local bio market for local seasonal food.

    1. One of my co-workers went out for lunch every day and now in 2017 he realized how expensive this was and has started to pack his lunch.

      Thanks for stopping by, ATL!

    1. I’m not sure about the LEDs but there definitely are some good tax deductions for solar. I talk about it in more detail in the solar post linked above. Thanks for the good question!

  2. Regarding reviewing your insurance – also consider in you even still need to pay for that part of insurance that insures your car against damage/accidents that you are responsible for. If you are driving yours into the ground, you might just elect to skip that. I saved about $350/year on that, for a car which has a bluebook value of about $5500. Its a risk, but its paid off and I’ve had good luck having never been in an accident that I caused.

    1. Yeah good point, going to liability coverage only. Definitely is a risk but it makes more sense with a clunker. I did the same thing before. Thanks for the idea!

  3. These are fantastic ideas! We replaced the bulbs in our house with LEDs and we’ve definitely noticed a difference. The next steps on the energy-saving front are insulating our attic and replacing inefficient, old light fixtures (so we can use even more LEDs!).

  4. Back when I was in college I went through this high fructose corn syrup phase and I would call companies that didn’t include high fructose corn syrup in their food. They would send me all sorts of goodies for calling and giving them compliments haha. It was like its very own rewards program.

    Come to think of it, I think I’m going to write a blog post about that. Thanks for the creative juices, Green Swan!

    1. Haha that’s genius! I’ll be on the lookout for that post, can’t wait to read. If you want to come back here and link to it in the comments, please do. Thanks!

  5. We installed solar screens on all of our windows last year. Not only did we receive a rebate from our electric company, but we also were able to take an energy tax credit (I forget the specific name).

  6. What I do may take a little bit more skills for the average person, but I think it’s doable as I started without any of the skills. I saved thousands by building a deck in my back, stone steps at the entrance of my house, redo my driveway’s interlock, replaced my kitchen with an IKEA kitchen. By doing all these things around the house, I can take my time and customize the changes to my preferences.

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