How to Travel and Make Money from Your Property

Make Money From Your Property

Hello everyone. Today I welcome Elizabeth to The Green Swan with a contributed post on a few ways to make money while having fun at the same time. I certainly to travel, but vacations can get expensive. What if there was a way to make some money while you were away? Well Libby is here to share a few ideas to consider!

So without further ado, let’s hear from Elizabeth…


A Quick Guide to Making Money and Having Fun at the Same Time!

Ever think about just getting up and going somewhere?

Suffer from a severe case of wanderlust? That’s okay with us!

We want to help you learn how to make money and be able to travel simultaneously without becoming a scuba diving instructor or waiting tables in dive bars. If you can’t get rid of the travel bug, don’t worry because there are ways to maintain your property, earn money, and fulfill your inner urge to explore the world at the same time! To save you a few headaches check out our suggested list of ways to make money off your existing property that you intend to leave vacant while you become a vagabond.

Top 9 Tips for Making Money from Your Property:

  1. Rent Parking Space: Make Money From Your Property

Got parking? If you’re looking for a no-hassle way to make money from your property, consider renting your driveway, garage, or parking space! If you own property with any kind of parking option in a busy bustling urban area, you can be confident that you’ll be able to rent your parking space while you’re gone and add quick cash to your wallet!

  1. Rent Your Whole Home:

Feeling bold? If you’re willing to rent your whole house while you’re gone, you may even fund your entire living expense while you’re on the road just from rent money! Try advertising first to family, friends, and others who may be interested in renting your home while you’re away. If renting to someone you know isn’t an option, you can always advertise on Craigslist, Airbnb, and even social media.

  1. Rent Your Garden Space/Land:

Have some acres in the country? Live in a city? If you are sitting on a nice-sized piece of land or own a small garden plot in the city, you may be able to rent your land! In any city, you may easily find someone who is willing to buy a buck to use your soil! In comparison, if you own a few acres, someone may be interested in using your land for a special event or even to plant some crops.

  1. Rent a Separate Room or Apartment:Make Money From Your Property

Have a room with a separate entrance? Prepare ahead of time. If you have money to invest in adding an additional room and bathroom to your home you may be able to make money from a small “apartment-like” space without fear of renters damaging your personal property inside your home. Sometimes you may be able to increase your financial gain with a little investment in the beginning!

  1. Utilize Your Home in Film Production:

Live somewhere “cool?” Do you live near a tourist destination or have a unique and or historical home? Although this suggestion may not work for everyone, if you live in an interesting place with historic value someone may be interested in using your home to shoot a film! You probably didn’t think of that idea yet!

  1. Rent to Students or Travelers (like yourself!) or Swap Houses!

On the road? Someone else is too! Put up ads on travel boards, expat websites, and even on university campuses. If you’re willing to rent to travelers, you may be able to rent your home short-term to foreign exchange students, backpackers, tourists, and the like! In some situations, you may even be able to swap houses on websites such as Home Exchange where people search for “house sitters” to look after their property while they travel! Read about a house-sitting experience in Germany here. This may not earn you a lot of money, but you may score a place to stay for free!

  1. Rent Storage Space:Make Money From Your Property

Not crazy about renting your house? Rent just storage space! Not everyone is gung-ho on renting their home, but for some careful homeowners, renting storage space is the answer! Rent storage space in your home and have everything arranged before you leave. Simple. Easy. Hello cash!

  1. Use Your Roof Too!

Have you ever heard of renting your roof? It may sound a little strange, but some investors in solar energy may be interested in installing solar panels on your roof to create energy for their business or for personal use. Make money from your roof by getting the attention of your local community center, environmental conscious groups, or look for ways to rent your roof on the internet.

While you’re off globetrotting, make sure your home is energy efficient. Otherwise, the money you saved for a flight to Thailand will be going towards your heating and cooling costs instead!

  1. Sell, Sell, Sell!

Say goodbye to your unneeded STUFF! If you’re willing to part with some goods to make money for your trip, sell your unnecessary items, antiques, and electronics too. Although you might not make a lot of money off your CD collection, you never know! Maybe you have a set of rare baseball or Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in the basement collecting dust that you don’t need. Part with some of your clutter and make cash for the road!

What’s Next

Consider the list and see what works for you and your family. If renting your home or a room doesn’t seem to fit the bill, think of other creative ways to make money from your property like selling your antique treasures, renting garden or parking space, or even renting your roof! You can also save money by using energy efficient appliances and cutting down on your subscriptions, like Netflix and Comcast. Don’t forget to ditch your contract cell phone bill and replace it with an unlocked phone that you can use on the go in any country! So, forget the waitress apron, the English lessons on Skype, and the hustling for jobs while traveling, by making money off your existing investment. Good luck and safe travels!


Elizabeth is on the content team for Dynasty Partners, which builds high quality, architecturally rich homes with innovated designs. She enjoys decorating homes, hiking, hanging out with her family, and volunteering at the animal shelter in Des Moines, Iowa.





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  1. I’ve considered storage space or outdoor space rental. There’s not a lot of market suburban or rural for parking and house rental is just not my thing. The roof rental is intriguing. Are there any site that specialize in such things?

    1. I think it depends state by state for the solar rental. For instance, I don’t think it is allowed in North Carolina where I live. Solar City is a big public company that is involved in leasing that might be worth looking into. Otherwise I think it is more local resources and dependent on your utility company.

  2. We are thinking of living in France for about a year, if we can get the long stay visa. We just started exploring options for making money on our house while we are gone. So, this article is perfect timing!

    Right now we are going in the direction of simply renting our house fully furnished for the year we are gone. Of course, we have to find just the right renters and will probably need to pay some management/maintenance fees as well. However, the way it is pencils out so far, we could come close to completely paying for our equivalent accommodations in France. Swapping houses is also an idea we’d consider, but we have to find someone in a place we really like (and vice versa), which seems like a stretch. I had not thought of some of these other options, so we may explore this some more. Thanks for the timely info.

    1. That’s awesome, sounds like a great option for you and your trip to France. Being gone for a year may be a good amount of time for making your property attractive for rental and consistently having a tenant (vs. Airbnb). I could see how that’s worth the management fees. I look forward to hearing how it works out!

  3. I feel like Airbnb or VRBO is OK if you are absent from the premises…even as a renter of an Airbnb place I felt awkward. There is an app called Outdoorsy where you can rent out your RV…this I think is a step in the right direction

    1. I agree!

      I’ve never heard of Outdoorsy but that seems like a great app and very logical since they go unused for much of the time. Thanks for sharing!

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