Interview with Mrs. Green Swan

Bloggers' Spouse Support Group Seal: Interview with Mrs. Green Swan

Interview with Mrs. Green Swan

Hello again!  Thanks for checking back in with The Green Swan.  Today my spouse, Lucy, and I want to contribute to the support group first formed in Apathy Ends’ recent post titled 10 Annoying Habits of the Personal Finance Blogger.

Together with Mr. AE, we formed the Bloggers’ Spouse Support Group (BS Support Group).  Click to find out more about the BS Support Group.  And if you are a spouse of a blogger and take issue with it, or just want a voice out there, join the BS Support Group today!

I’m blogging today with Lucy to conduct a Q&A session on her “spouse’s blogging problem” (yes, that would be me!).

Allow me to provide some context…

Just like many things in life, if your spouse or significant other gets involved in a new activity or hobby, you are going to be somewhat involved as well.  Whether it is joining the office softball team, a book club, or better yet a poker club, it is obviously going to become a common discussion topic because it is the “new thing” in your life.

You will notice your spouse’s time and energy being diverted more and more toward the “new thing”.  But if you are not careful it could very well morph into something that takes on a life of its own.  Before you know it, you may develop a BS problem!  Like a tornado rolling through town, everything in its path gets picked up, torn apart, and scattered into the wind.

Well maybe that is a bit over the top, but needless to say, having a support group can be good for the soul, and maybe a bit entertaining as well.  So today, in conjunction with Mr. AE @ Apathy Ends, we are launching the BS Support Group and we have each created identical BS Support Group pages on our respective sites to act as the official destination place for all recovering spouses.

Blogging From The Spouse’s Perspective:

Without further ado, let’s get into the Q&A with my spouse, Lucy.

Q. How did The Green Swan convince you that him starting a personal finance blog was a good idea?

  • I believe the way he first phrased the idea was as one of his “hair brained ideas he thought up.” Just that first sentence got me worried. What could he possibly be into now? One thing I admire about Mr. Green Swan is his dedication and determination once he sets his mind to a project. However one of the things that drives me nuts about Mr. Green Swan is his dedication and determination once he sets his mind to a project. The idea of the blog was quickly followed (literally the next day) by the idea for a book. At this point I thought he was over his head, but now I find myself impressed by his accomplishments (so far).

Q. What was your initial expectation of what the blog would entail for your husband, and how has that evolved since launching the site?

  • I think neither of us really knew what to expect initially. Things have grown so quickly that our perspectives have been changing as the blog changes. I would tell you though, that my husband did initially say that writing the posts wouldn’t be a huge time commitment because he is so engrained in personal finance matters and it is such a huge hobby of his. What has taken so much of his time though has been the setup, formatting, and building viewership.

Q. To what extent have you been roped in to helping with The Green Swan’s personal finance endeavor?

  • With my background I’ve naturally helped with the marketing and design aspect of the blog. That’s been fun to tag team together. I’ve become editor in chief probably with the proof reading of posts I’ve done. Let’s see, what other title can I claim… CEO, FIRE Chief, I’ll take them all!

Q. How often do you have to “hear” about the blog?

  • My answer to this is more of an “all of the above” answer. It’s literally all the time. I get it, the blog is on his mind so naturally that’s what he wants to talk about. I have made the request one time that during a dinner out we didn’t discuss the blog at all. Not sure if we made it through the whole meal, but it was an improvement! He speaks to me about other bloggers (by title of the blog or by first name) as if I should know exactly who he’s talking about. Oh and he also loves to throw random stats at me (number of page views same day last week or number of unique visitors for the month) and expects me to remember it all the next day. My mind doesn’t operate like that…

Q. On a scale of 1 to 5, how much do you now know about blogging and website development that you never cared to know?

  • I’d probably be generous and say about a 3. This is probably more so because I’ve resisted any in-depth education about running the website. I have a feeling now that I’ve said this out loud (or typed it out) Mr. Green Swan might try teaching me more… can I strike this one from the record??

Q. Have you picked up any new and interesting personal finance blogger lingo?

  • My day job is in Corporate America (just like Mr. Green Swan), however I do not have a finance background. Let’s just say I’ve pick up a lot of new lingo. I now know what FIRE means (thank you very much!). I heard my husband talk about a “side hustle” before. However, other more technical personal finance stuff makes my eyes gloss over so I leave that to Mr. Green Swan. Other things I’ve heard recently but don’t care to know more about include widgets, CPM, RPM, daisy chains, dixie cups…whatever…

Okay, that is enough Q&A with Ms. Green Swan, I have to cut her off before she goes too far here.

Naturally, since it is still my blog, I think it is only fair to throw in a quick rebuttal.

  • First, it is good that we form the BS Support Group.  As you can see above, it is quite obvious she needs help.
  • Secondly, how bad is it really?  She is living and breathing the “blog life” with me a bit…she has even had dreams about it.  But isn’t that exactly what spouses are supposed to do.   I’m pretty sure there was something about it in our vows.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  If you have a BS problem, please leave a comment below so we can all share our feelings!  You can consider the BS support group as your free shrink!  Want to join the BS Support Group…check out the official BS Support Group home page.

And to steal the response from Mr. Apathy Ends…I’d read the comments, but writers don’t read, writers write. 🙂

Thanks for taking a look.

The Green Swan

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  1. Lol, when I first saw the BS Support Group logo I did think that the BS meant something completely different.

    Ms MM (my other half) is quite lucky as my blogging hasn’t become an obsession…..yet. At the moment she just reads my posts, pats me on the back and says “well done”. Is she being sincere? Hmmm, I’m not sure…….

  2. “He speaks to me about other bloggers” haha, guilty of this one as well. Most of the time I get hit back with “I don’t know what or who that is”

    Great stuff Mr and Mrs. Swan! I will send Mrs AE over to lend her support!

  3. loved this, thanks for sharing!
    As Mr. PIE and I are this this together, we’re starting to think our kids could use the support group. Do you accept memberships for the under 18 crowd? 😉

  4. I constantly harass my S/O to proof read my entries. I know when he is slacking because he lives abroad and I can tell if anyone has viewed the entry in question from that country 🙂 I do have to gibe him some credit though. He was the one who encouraged me to write about my debt and savings efforts!

    1. That’s great, sounds like you have some good support from the home front! If your S/O wants to share his side let us know. Thanks!

  5. Haha this relates all too well! When I now started the blog it was my sole focus and all I would speak about so I understand where Mrs. GS is coming from as my girlfriend told me the same thing. I have since learned how to control it but there are moments when I can’t control my mouth. She would rather just read my articles than proofread though, she is not into the whole FIRE thing; rather me just handle all of that and she just shop for shoes or something!

    1. Ha well the BS may have multiple meanings, all depends on what viewpoint you’re coming from :)! We’d love to hear your wife’s perspective if/when she ever wants to join.

  6. Love your post. Hi Mrs Green Swan!
    Yep my husband has definitely called me up on the obsession!
    Hopefully they understand we are doing all this to support our families.
    Alternative is pillow talk about the 4% rule – enough to put anyone to sleep!

  7. This is my first visit to the site. I started my blog 8 months ago and as you said the most time consuming part is generating a viewership. It took me a little bit to get quick at the articles too, but it was a whole new set of lingo. I didn’t know what FIRE was until I entered the blogosphere. I plan to check back often!

  8. Hi Lucy 🙂

    This is a really fun interview and it’s something I’m sure my wife (Jasmin) could identify with. I’m glad Lucy is also involved in the Green Swan project, you are both ‘invested’ in it 🙂

    Maybe I’ll get Jasmin to do a similar type interview, I bet a couple of her answers would be quite similar lol, and she could definitely identify with some of your answers.


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