The Green Swan Joins The Million Dollar Club

The Million Dollar Club Seal

The Green Swan Joins “The Million Dollar Club”

The Green Swan is officially joining The Million Dollar Club.  Never heard of The Million Dollar Club?  Well check out J$’s site “Budgets Are Sexy”.  He started The Million Dollar Club for all those who wish to one day be a millionaire.  There is no red tape to cut through, you do not need a million to join, but I am pretty sure he throws a ticker tape parade for each new member!  Right J$?  Going forward, I will proudly display The Million Dollar Club Seal on my homepage!The Million Dollar Club Seal

As part of being in the club, my pledge below outlines my list of requirements to become a millionaire.  To read how I grew my net worth to $1,000,000, check out The Green Swan’s Net Worth Explosion.

I Pledge the following:

  • To keep on hustling, always working harder and working smarter
  • To provide for my family
  • To ensure my kids have the tools they need in life to become financial independent on their own (don’t expect a trust fund kiddos, sorry)
  • To have enough cash to pay for any purchase (including cars, furniture, electronics, etc.)
  • To not finance any purchase besides a house unless the interest rate is 0% or very low so long as I am confident I can make a better return in my investment portfolio over the same time horizon
  • To pay off my credit card in full every month
  • To not ever pay someone to do something I can just as well do myself (i.e. mowing the yard, simple home maintenance, etc.)
  • To avoid getting suckered by marketing to buy something I don’t need
  • To give back to my community
  • To invest my entire bonus, except up to $100 for a nice celebration dinner with the fam
  • To maximize contributions to my tax sheltered accounts (401k and IRA)
  • To do everything I can to lower my taxes…legally anyway

By joining The Million Dollar Club, and with this pledge, I am confident that I will continue to grow my net worth and reach financial independence expeditiously.

The Green Swan

Work Harder, Work Smarter, Retire Earlier and Find Your Beach




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  1. Great work Green Swan. I reckon I’m pretty well there too so in coming weeks I’ll demonstrate why I think I’ve made the grade and should be admitted to the club. I’m really looking forward to seeing how many other FIRE bloggers join this club. Maybe when the number hits 100 or something we should all plan a get together somewhere.

    1. Sounds like a party to me! If you haven’t already, check out, J$ has a pretty good list of members already. Just let him know once you’re ready to make the pledge.

      I look forward to you joining!

    1. Thanks! We haven’t really discussed how to celebrate actually, we toasted over the milestone with a few beers one night but I’ll have you get back to you on that. Maybe we’ll go to a nice dinner or something. Do you have any thoughts or ideas?

    1. Thanks! And yes, you’re right, the journey definitely isn’t over. This isn’t my swan song (pun intended :))!

      The Green Swan

  2. Awesome! I love the idea of having “requirements” as a part of a pledge.
    Right now I am kind of just thinking, “hustle hustle hustle and everything will work out!” but I prefer your approach of having a specific way to achieve your goals.

  3. Congratulations on the BIG milestone!!! Yes, definitely celebrate somehow. After we hit it, we went out for a nice dinner to toast the milestone and celebrate. But……..we paid with a gift card! Some habits are tough to shake. Plus, we look back now and laugh a little when we think about it.

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