Tax Reform and Health Insurance

Tax Reform and Health Insurance

You may have heard the news…the United States just passed into law a complete overhaul to the tax code. But what you may not have heard was that tucked inside the bill was a repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate. Oh, did you miss that point when reading the 500+ page bill to simplify our tax code?!

Shortly after the news hit the wire, my Physician on FIRE buddy asked me to break down how the repeal will impact early retirees. He knew this was right up my alley given my experience as a banker of the largest healthcare companies in America. I was happy to oblige and excited to share what I thought was some overall good news for the FIRE community.

New Options for Early Retirees

For folks living in the world of financial independence or the pursuit thereof, the repeal of the individual mandate has the potential to change the way you buy health insurance in early retirement for the foreseeable future.

Have I piqued your interest? Are you ready to hear more? Click over for my breakdown on Physician on Fire’s website. There you will find all the nitty gritty on what health insurance will look like in 2019 including increased availability of short term plans which will no longer truly be “short term” and a resurgence of catastrophic health plans.

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