The Green Swan Featured on ChooseFI Podcast

The Green Swan Featured on ChooseFI Podcast

Hello $wanigans! I have a special announcement for you today. I was featured on my first podcast! If you are tired of just reading my words and want to put a voice to it, head on over to ChooseFI and check it out.

ChooseFI Podcast

It was great getting together with Jonathon and Brad to talk about my small business investment and unique journey toward FIRE. The episode serves as an introduction to how my siblings and I began incorporating the small business in our personal finance story, how we went about finding and buying the business, how we’ve incorporated and changed the culture, some hazards to going into business with family, and also some of the “joys” of being a small business owner as it certainly comes with a few headaches and long days.

If you have been following The Green Swan blog for a while, you’ve heard some of the story before. But I encourage you to check it out as I’m sure you’ll pick up new and interesting tidbits. Jonathon and Brad are always great at teasing out actionable takeaways and who doesn’t love listening to this duo! Plus, you will want to hear my favorite purchase on Amazon when I enter the “hot seat”.

If you are new to The Green Swan, I encourage you to stick around and browse. Interested in knowing more about FIRE and my journey, please check out the following cornerstone articles!

My Story:

If you are interested in hearing more on my background, career path, and evolution toward a Financial Independence / Retire Early mindset check out the following:

Popular Posts:

I’ve had the good fortune of being featured on a number of other great sites such as Rockstar Finance, The Globe and Mail, Financial Samurai, Retire by 40, and Budgets are Sexy. Below are some of my most popular posts:

My Small Business:

As you know from the podcast, one interesting and perhaps unique aspect of my journey towards Financial Independence and Early Retirement is my interest in being a small business owner. Last year I made the plunge in buying a business along with my siblings. While it has been a rocky road so far, I have no regrets. To learn more, check out the following posts and next week, 10/2, I have a follow-up post scheduled on our progress in buying our second business. Be sure to come back or sign-up to my newsletter to ensure you don’t miss it!

More on FIRE:

There are a number of other great folks out there on their journey toward Financial Independence and Early Retirement. Everyone’s journey toward FIRE is unique and I like to embrace that individuality. Below are some more personal posts including the story of when I shared my FIRE plans with my Dad, the launch of my FIRE Prowess Gauge (as briefly discussed on the podcast), and also the individual FIRE stories of others in my FIRE-Side Chat series. Of course, if you are interested in sharing your FIRE journey and sitting down for a FIRE-Side Chat feel free to let me know!

Focus on Health(care):

I am a healthcare corporate banker and have insights in many facets of the healthcare industry (predominantly the US system, but also abroad). Given intertwined relationship between healthcare and personal finance, I’ve been known to dabble with health related posts:

My Partner in Action:

I have a great partner in action on this site and that is my lovely wife Lucy. We actually just celebrated our 9th anniversary! We’ve had some great endeavors together and you can get her view of things in our monthly posting series titled The Swan Life. For her most recent renditions check out the following:

Thanks again Jonathon and Brad for having me on the ChooseFI Podcast!

Thanks for taking a look!

The Green Swan

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  1. NO WAY! JW’s voice!!?? Downloading it now, congrats on your first podcast! We certain swim in parallel lanes, Mr. Swan. Guess who’s appearing on ChooseFI next week? I agree, Jonathon & Brad are great conversationalists, I really enjoyed my time talking with them. Small pond in which we swim, eh?

  2. Good discussion! I enjoyed learning more about how you run the business. I’ve become more interested in business since discovering FIRE, so it’s good to hear about how others are doing it.

    (Is it weird that you sound like I thought you would?!?)

    1. Haha that’s funny, Dylan! Not sure I have a voice for radio, but I’m glad I met your expectations there 🙂

      That’s great your thinking about getting into a small business too. There are lots of advantages, its just all about finding the right circumstances for your life and desired lifestyle. My set up works good for me right now on my pursuit to FI, and maybe once in retirement I will become more involved as well but maintain flexibility.

      Feel free to reach out if you ever have questions. Thanks!

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