The Swan Life: December 2017

Swan Life December 2017

Happy New Year Green Swan readers! Hard to believe 2018 is upon us and we’ve said goodbye to 2017. In the coming weeks JW will recap our yearly finances, but I’m here today to recap our life in December. Before I dive into my December recap, let me just say our one true highlight of the year was the birth of our second son. We think he’s perfect. And we think he’s officially completed our little family. That’s right folks, we’re calling it quits on the baby front and will keep our family to four members…Let me rephrase that and say four perfect members. Anyways, allow me to fill you in on a few details from December.

Date Night Gone Wrong

This year JW and I will celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary (hence the need for some serious Travel Hacking). When I add up all the years we’ve been together (dating and married) that’s a whopping 12.5 years! Makes me feel old, but more importantly it makes me feel fortunate to find someone so special at a young age. Anyways, enough with the sappiness! JW and I don’t go on dates often. We honestly choose to spend our nights and weekends with our boys. Plus, we don’t have any family or regular babysitters around so that’s another reason too. Maybe we should go out more often, but for now we’re pretty content with our young family.

Well this may have changed when our daycare started this new “Parents Night Out” event and offered it one Saturday in December. We thought why not?! It was only $20 per kid and we knew and trusted the teachers already so no need to screen or find a reputable person to watch our kids. One catch that made us hesitate was the driving distance. We live a good 20-25 minutes from daycare because it’s actually closer to work than to our house.

That didn’t stop us though, we figured we’d just head to a restaurant around daycare which would allow us to try something new. We all got ready to go (our oldest was excited to have pizza with his friends) and what do you know, we got a flat tire on the way there!! We were over half way there and had to turn around. We barely made it home as the tire began to deflate.

Swan LifeTurns out we ran over a large piece of rebarb. It created a decent sized hole so the tire was beyond patching and needed to be replaced. What was going to equate to about $100 and a nice evening out turned into over $400 for two new tires and take out. I was really looking forward to enjoying a nice glass of wine while not having to worry about who needed more food or who was crying. JW understood and grabbed a bottle of wine when he got the takeout. The man knows me well after so many years. And don’t worry about us and our date night… daycare is going to start providing this once a month going forward. Here’s to a New Year and another shot at date night!

Personalized Stockings

Swan LifeWe’ve owned our house for some six years now and I’ve always looked forward to adorning the mantle with stockings for Christmas. I had this vision of personalized stockings that all match and each of the kids’ would be stuffed with goodies on Christmas morning. We thought this year would be the perfect time to buy seeing that we had completed our family and there would be no risk of buying a few and not being able to match if we needed to buy more.

After searching on a couple of websites we found the design we liked from Personal Creations and purchased four personalized stockings. Impressively they were stitched, shipped and arrived to our house within about a week. I thought it would take much longer, but nope, we got to enjoy for the whole season. As for the stocking stuffers… I made a quick trip to the dollar store and shopped the dollar section at Target. Just a few fun items to start our family Christmas stocking tradition.

We had a great holiday season and are looking forward to an amazing 2018 (and a second shot at a date night). How was your month spent? Anyone enjoy the snow and go sledding or skiing? We had some sub zero temps, anyone else freeze their fingers off? Cheers and Happy New Year!

 – Lucy 

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    1. Yea at first we thought the parents night out in December meant extra holiday cash for the teachers. Makes sense! Just glad they’re going to offer year round now. -Lucy

  1. Hey, Lucy. That’s so nice that your daycare started “Parents Night Out.” What a great idea. Do they plan on offering it more often than once a year? And I’m so sorry to hear that your date night was marred by some errant rebar. I curse absentminded construction work! Well, thank heavens for JW and alcohol. Hope 2018 is as kind to you as 2017. Looking forward to how you guys celebrate your 10th. Cheers.

    1. Hey Mr. Groovy, Happy New Year! Yes daycare plans on offering Parents Night Out monthly so we’re eagerly awaiting for the January date to see if it works in our schedule. Cheers to an amazing 2018! -Lucy

    1. Thanks Penny! Don’t be sorry, now we can definitely look back at the flat tire incident and laugh. There will be more opportunities for a date night dinner! -Lucy

  2. Nice date night! Mrs. 39 Months and I try to go out for dinner each Friday after the week, so we can talk and wind down. Helps not having kids around.

    Glad your December was good, and best wishes for 2018!

    Mr. 39 Months

    1. That’s a great idea! It helps that JW and I commute together to and from work. At least we have time in the car to catch up (with and without kids in tow). I like the idea of a recurring time though, maybe we should plan something like that. -Lucy

  3. What a horrible coincidence! We tried to have a date night a few weeks ago – the first one in YEARS! We ran into a whole bunch of problems, including a late grandma, boiling water injury to my finger, and broken brake lines on my car. What is going on? Is it so much to ask for frugal parents to enjoy an uneventful date night once in a while?

    I hope the next one is less eventful, for BOTH of us 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  4. Well, it could have been worse regarding the tire and the date night. I am sure you all will get one soon. Until then hope you have an excellent New Year.

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