Welcome to The Green Swan

The Green Swan

Welcome to The Green Swan

I’m here to show you the way of The Green Swan and its approach to personal finance. I plan to discuss some big ideas on how to re-think your approach to making money, managing your expenses, and building wealth.  For more on the birth of The Green Swan and my background, click here.

The ideas I plan to discuss are applicable for the young adults just going to college, recent college grads, young families as well as others looking for unique ways to manage your personal finances and reach financial independence.

Why read this blog? I’m just like you, a normal, average Joe / Jane. I didn’t go to private schools, I went to public school. I didn’t graduate from an Ivy League college, I graduated from a directional university (and no I don’t mean University of SOUTHERN Cal…). I haven’t lived a sheltered life. I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. I got in my fair share of trouble growing up. But I came through on the other side. I worked my way through college. I worked hard, I advanced my career, and I saved money.

The reason I wanted to start this blog is simple. About the same time I came to the realization that I could reach financial independence at a young age, I also realized that my approach to personal finance is not necessarily common. And if others used a similar approach, they could build wealth quicker and reach financial independence earlier.

I’ve named this approach The Green Swan. Work harder, work smarter, retire earlier, and find your beach. Follow The Green Swan and quit the rat race early. I’ll see you there.

In the next post, I’ll delve into The Green Swan’s Key Principles.

The Green Swan


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