Win at Money Guest Post

Win at Money Guest Post: Win at Solar

Win at Money Guest Post

Hello everyone!  Today I have a guest post being featured on Win at Money titled Win at Solar.  Ray Ray has been doing good things over on his blog so be sure to give him a follow.  He is another “average Joe”, just like you and me and started his blog to focus on helping others.  He “grew up in a home where money was always a chase”:

“Picture a dog chasing a fly around the house. No matter how much the dog tries their best to catch the fly, the fly always gets away. The fly doesn’t leave the dog alone, it’s as if the fly is taunting the dog by buzzing around the dog’s head.”

From that beginning, he is now well on his way toward financial independence!

So check out my Win at Money Guest Post and while you are there, peruse through Ray Ray’s blog.

Win at Solar

Win at Solar gives an overview of buying solar, the financial considerations, and what to expect after installation.  For additional details on buying solar, check out earlier posts titled Solar is Sexy, Solar Cents, and Solar Power.

The Green Swan Book Release

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you The Green Swan book is in the final stages of editing and publishing.  You can expect it to be available in early June.

The Green Swan book delves into the details of The Green Swan lifestyle and its Three Key Principles.  My wife and I have lived The Green Swan lifestyle for the last 10 plus years which has led to our Net Worth Explosion.  As it details, we were able to save $1 million in 10 years.  In celebration of the anticipated publishing, you can find a free excerpt by clicking on The Green Swan Book.

Thanks for taking a look.

The Green Swan

Work Harder, Work Smarter, Retire Earlier and Find Your Beach



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  1. There is some great information in the ‘Win at solar’ post!

    I am really looking forward to your book Green Swan! I can’t wait to read how you achieved $1000000!

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